Our Story

Olaya Sport is focused on one thing: You. Our expertise comes from 20 years of experience specifically in women's golf; both professional and amateur. That gives us the knowledge and understanding to know what you need to feel confident on the course, to realize what you don’t need, and to provide you with the highest functioning golf apparel you can buy.

But it doesn’t end there - that’s where it begins. Being a female founded and run company, Olaya Sport understands what you go through in your search for golf apparel. More than anything you want confidence. And that comes from having comfort. From feeling that perfect fit. From wearing something designed to work with your golf swing, not in spite of it. Olaya Sport takes that form and function and integrates it seamlessly with the most contemporary fashion and style to make you look and feel your very best.

Olaya Sport is designed for you.
Comfort. Function. Style.