Pro Tip: How to Keep Any Round From Falling Apart

After trying a little meditation from the previous post, hopefully you are seeing some benefits and an increased feeling of overall calmness.

That aside, I have a question for you about how you deal with adversity on the course...

When you have a few bad shots or holes, how do you handle it?

Do the "wheels come off" and your round starts spiraling out of control?

Do the bad shots and holes continue?

OR are you able to make a mental shift and get yourself back to playing like you know you're capable of playing?

The tips we shared about meditation last week will help, but there's something very powerful you can do...

Try adjusting your perspective in the moment.

With golf, sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed when the bad shots start coming.

This is true especially when we think about more challenging holes that are coming up.

As you stand on the next tee box, imagine that the hole you are on is the ONE AND ONLY hole you are playing today.

Then decide what score you'd be happy with on the given hole if you were to play it like you usually do, and then do it!

Here's an example ...

If I'm standing on a tee box, I know if I tell myself this is the ONLY hole I'm playing today, I should get a par at worst.

If I get a birdie, great ...

If I get a bogey, that's fine too, but the point is to force myself to ONLY think about the hole directly in front of me.

I personally like this approach A LOT better than the old, worn-out tip you always hear of taking it one shot at a time!

Give this a try and let me know what you think.

It will help you stay more present the next time you run into difficulty while you're out on the course.