Practice Makes Perfect

We play a sport where practice is everything. If you want to improve your score, there's just no way around the fact that you have to practice if you want to have any hope of getting better. But there's a big difference between aimlessly hitting balls at the range, and actually practicing with a purpose.

Here's something to try the next time you head to the driving range ...

From the very beginning of your practice sessions, try to make your practice count by having a plan for each and every shot.

While you're hitting range balls, imagine you're out on the course.

Try playing "9 holes" on the range, and use targets that are approximately the same yardages of the shots you expect to have while making your way around the course.

If you're working on swing changes to improve your accuracy, ball flight, shot shaping, or another part of your game ... work on those things in the context of putting a purpose behind every swing you make.

And if your planned shots don't happen perfectly, it's okay! It's just practice :-)