Alejandra Schnider

I've followed @mamischnider on instagram for years! She always seemed like such an awesome woman. It wasn't until we both competed on ABC's Holey Moley that we finally met and spent time together. She impressed and inspired me even more. She is such a beautifully genuine person with a spunky and fun personality. With hard work, she has dramatically improved her golf game over the years. Everyone could learn a thing or two from her golf journey. I can't wait to play with her in the future!

Tell us about your golf story.

I began taking golf lessons in 2012, I was 30 years of age. My first swing coach Jim Delaney taught me all the fundamentals. I was dedicated and took lessons for one year. A year later I was a 40 handicap playing the forward tees.

In just 7 years I’ve reduced my handicap to a 2 from the back tees. I have 2 hole in ones. I’m the current Club Champion at Southern Highlands and Sherwood Golf Club, 2x past Club Champion at Red Rock Golf Club.

Why did you start playing? Why do you love golf now?

My husband Ricky and I travel often. We love spending time together. In our travels he would golf and I would occupy myself with things to do. One day Ricky suggested I take golf lessons, that’s when my passion for golf began.

I love golf, I’m passionate about it. Golf challenges me in many ways, I love the mental aspect of the game. There are many scenarios that require me to think before I hit the shot to achieve a favorable outcome. 

When someone starts golf, it can be discouraging. How did you overcome that?

Golf is a challenging sport and we all have to start somewhere. Although it can be frustrating, it’s far more rewarding when you start to succeed. The key is continue to work hard and never give up. 

What has helped you most improve your golf game?

As amateurs we want to have fun, play well and shoot decent scores. The problem is most amateurs don’t care to practice. I’ve realized that if I want to have an enjoyable round and shoot a decent score I have to practice to play well and feel confident on the course. 

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting golf or is new to the game?

Most beginners make the mistake of taking lessons from a friend or significant other who isn’t familiar with the proper swing technique, likely implementing bad habits. If you’re not able to get lessons from a professional, social media is a great tool. There are many great swing coaches on social media with helpful tips and drills to help improve every aspect of your game.

If you could only play one course for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Cypress Point, it’s the most spectacular golf course I’ve ever played,  It’s ranked #3 in the world for a reason. Walking down the fairway of the first hole, an astonishing ocean view on the left, the sun beaming at us. I knew I couldn’t play Cypress Point just once. Every hole is breathtaking, I did my best to soak it all in.

You have daughters, are you trying to encourage them to play? 

I have two daughters Becky (15) & Marlena (14), they aren’t as passionate about golf as I am which is very normal at their age. It’s something I want them to pursue but I believe it’s important not to discourage them by forcing them to play.  However I always continue to make golf available to them in a positive way.

What are your thoughts on getting more women into golf?

The best way to get more women to play golf is to encourage one another.  Let’s stop being arrogant and motivate, cheer and empower one another. Let’s form a 9 hole club, a practice league to help each other achieve our goals. Let’s aspire to inspire!

Who is in your dream foursome and why?

Condoleezza Rice, I respect women who are strong, classy, confident and smart.

Chris Tucker, I love to laugh and there’s nothing better than playing golf and being around people that make me happy.

Ben Hogan, I relate a lot to his inspiring story. After his car accident that almost killed him and his wife, he had to learn how to walk and live in pain the rest of his life. I’ve had a bone condition for the past 6 years that most people don’t know. I deal with chronic pain every day and at times it’s difficult to walk let alone swing a golf club. But that doesn’t stop me from practicing and playing this game I love so much.  

Follow Alejandra on Instagram @mamischnider. She always has awesome content!

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  • I really enjoyed the interview with one exception: When asked about your ideal foursome, I was surprised about two choices: 1) Ben Hogan was not liked by many other tour players. Although he was one of the great automakers of all time, he was very unfriendly, distant, and unsupportive of other players. He was very grandiose and didn’t give credit where due! His autobiography is interesting to be sure, but he wasn’t easy to be around; 2) Condie Rice isn’t very well liked either. The student body at Stanford voted to reject her wishes to return to campus as an academic. She seemed incredibly cold and arrogant to me. When it comes to strength, she would have been much stronger had she admitted to making a profoundly devastating decision in supporting the Iraq war. This war was a personal vendetta by Bush and had nothing to do with 9/11. Literally millions of Iraqis had to leave there occupations and homes; aT her literally had their lives destroyed. Many thousands lost their lives and suffered horrific violence from the war, the effects of which still go on. There are many stronger, more successful women in government. Neither Bush not Condie ever showed any remorse for one of the worst mistakes in American history and the lives they destroyed.

    Mark Reaves

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